A young man that wanted to marrying his wife was discouraged not to marry her because his family members didn’t like her but the man stood on his decision and said,

“God told me she’s my destiny helper and that she is my wife” so he went ahead and married her against his family’s will.

4 months after their marriage, he lost his job and his family members started laughing at him but then, the man will always hold his wife’s hands and say, “I’m not giving up on you, no matter what people say,

I don’t care because God said you are my wife”
2 weeks later, his wife got an email that said, ‘You have won a family lottery that enables you and your husband to live and work abroad’, meanwhile…

The woman applied for the lottery when they were still dating because she also believed the man was her husband.
That was how God blessed them and silenced those that laughed at them.

November has just started, this is my prayer for you.
1). Before this Month ends, may you locate your destiny helper
2). All those that laughed at you will surely rejoice with you.

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