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Here is my Vaginne Testimony. Maybe when my baby Bump is fully noticeable, I can do the video

I am a mother of two kids. My first daughter is 5years and my son is 2.

For 6years now, my husband said he is ok with 2 kids, but me I said I will be ok when I have 4.
So I decided that when my son clocks 6months, I will take in again and hopefully God will give me

But I couldn’t take in again, I tried and tried, no show.
Infact my son was 2 years and I stopped breastfeeding at 1year, 3months, yet my menses didnt come, I became worried.
2 years, 1month on, my menses refused to come and I didnt take in either. I attended Immeri presentation, after all the talk about the products, one of their leader from Ghana Mr Prince Cudjoe gifted me some of the Vaginne, that was in April,2019.
When I got home, I used one as said, the next night, I used another, by morning my menses came out, very dirty I must confess, I was relieved.

I have been using it on and off. But ending of July, after all the testimonies I have been hearing, I decided to go on 2 boxes straight. So I started before my menses and used the next box after my menses. 14th day from the day of my menses, I decided to cook good food for my husband, after he had eaten well, he couldn’t resist my antics, so we entered za oza room.
4 weeks after, I am feeling sick, I have gone for test, YES! AM PREGNANT.

Maybe Twins. Lolz
I recommend Vaginne to any woman having issues with conception. Did I forget, I used to have very painful menstruation, but since I started using Vaginne, the pain is gone forever.

If you have used this amazing product and you have a testimony. Pls drop your experience and reviews below..

Still doubting? Watch this video below..

Watch This.


Under normal circumstances, the vagina is acidic, with a pH range of 3.5 to 4.4. This pH range is the most instrumental to lactobacillus, a type of good bacteria that helps suppress the growth of harmful bacteria in the vagina and keep the vaginal flora in balance 😃.

When the vaginal pH goes out of control, lactobacillus population shrinks and vaginal immunity drops, making the vagina more susceptible to gynecological inflammation. 😟

Vaginne is THE Vaginal Care that maintains vaginal flora by enhancing the good bacteria and inhibiting the bad ones. It helps regulate the vaginal acidic environment, thus improves the vagina’s self-cleaning defense system to restore vaginal comfort.


.1. Upon application, the hyaluronic acid gel permeates and covers the entire vagina evenly..

2. There is a sustained release of nutrients for over 8 hours. The product exhibits high viscosity and low fluidity, which allows it to strongly adhere to vaginal mucosa and epithelial tissues to promote absorption and repair.

.3. The vaginal mucosa absorbs available nutrients and the vaginal pH is then auto-regulated. The product offers a long-lasting protection and repair to damaged tissues in the vagina, cervix and uterus. .

4. It can rapidly replenish essential nutrients, provide lubrication and a moisturizing effect, enhance vaginal elasticity, boost immunity and the self-healing power of the vagina and uterus to fill your life with more passion..

5. It initiates and restored the normal function of the ovary, stimulate the secretion of estrogen to slow down the aging process, delay or help manage menopausal symptoms, and maintain a healthy female reproductive system for a long time..

VAGINNE….Stay happy💯 .Order yours today.. 08174388604.. Payment on delivery.

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