What was the best relationship advice you ever got?

  • Love yourself first.

You can’t love another person if you don’t love yourself.

  • Have self-respect.

Nothing, not even your relationship should precede self-respect.

  • Never, ever, cheat on your partner.

Trust and faithfulness is the basis of a relationship.

  • Don’t compare your partner to others.

Everyone is different.

  • Don’t talk about your ex.

Make peace with your past.

  • Don’t get into a rebound relationship, or a relationship just after a breakup.

You might want to heal your heart, but it isn’t fair for your partner. He/she deserves your love if you are in a relationship with him/her.

  • Never play with someone’s feelings, only to ditch them in the end.

You might not love your partner, but don’t play with their feelings. Tell them how you really feel about them.

  • Never take your partner for granted.

If the person is in a relationship with you, it doesn’t mean that he/she will always do what you want from him/her.

  • Don’t be too possessive.

Give them space to breathe. Don’t choke them.

  • Don’t enter a relationship due to peer pressure.

During a particular age, having a partner seems really cool, especially when your friends have partners of their own. But, no. Act according to your feelings.

  • Don’t lead on a person.

You might enjoy the attention that the person showers on you, but tell them clearly if there is no prospect of a relationship.

  • Tell them how much they mean to you.

Everyone likes to be reminded about how much they are cherished, once in a while.

  • Don’t rush your relationship.

Everything takes time.

  • Never force your partner to do something.

Have consent of your partner before doing something.

  • Respect their family.

If you speak bad about their family, it will weaken your relationship.

  • Listen.

Allow your partner to vent out. It does good to them, and is bad to keep things inside your mind for long.

  • Never think that you’ll be able to change your partner.

It rarely happens.

  • Go on dates.

Spending quality time with each other boosts happiness.

  • Talk to each other.

You may think that you know your partner, but there are many aspects of their personality you may not know, especially in the beginning.

  • Support each other.

Be by their side always, and especially when they need you the most.

  • Communication is the key.

You can’t expect your partner to dig into your head and find out what you are feeling.

A relationship is like a plant.

It needs time to grow into a tree.

Nourish it with the nutrients of trust, love, respect and care.

And witness it growing, hand in hand.

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