Dear ladies,

Let me teach you how to show love to a guy. Some of you don’t know how to show love to the guy you are dating. Some ladies thing that the only way to show love to a guy is by having sex with him, that’s why some ladies do anything to offer a guy except sex.

Sex is not a proof of love. Don’t used sex to prove that you love a guy as a lady, you can prove that you love a guy in the following ways.

1) Buy gift for him. You can give him gift of T-shirt, shoes, undies, singlet or even a phone if you have the money.

2) Take him out for launch and pay his bill at least once in 2 month it’s not bad at all.

3) Send him some love text message occasionally.

4) Give him phone call daily at least once daily. Ask him how he is doing and tell him that you love him.

5) Occasionally you can cook a delicious meal for him, maybe once in a week or once in two weeks, but not everyday like a house wife.

6) You can also help him financially when he is broke.

7) Take him out for shopping at least once in a year. You will not die.

8) Pray for him

9) Advice him

10) Help him to build a bright future.

I know some ladies will crucify me because of this post, but this is the ideal thing to do for your guy, not



Invite him to come over ,

😘 kiss him or peck him, play with him,

🤗 Hug him, cook for him to eat,

when he’s about leaving look him in the eyes tell him how much you love him then give him a very passionate kiss.

1 hour later call him to know if he’s home.

My sister you will not die.

Treat your man like a king the same way you want him to treat you like a queen

I know some broke girls will argue!

This is for real girls ♥

Please real girls can start with me.. 😋😋😋

Note: Guys if you see a lady that always do the above things for you, don’t allow her to go because she is the right person for you to marry, same thing with ladies.

Guys did I make make sense?

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See you everyday! I love you all

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