Anger has destroyed marriages, beautiful relationships and lovely friendships. Can someone boldly come out to say what they won through anger? Shame on us!

We insult and say very nasty things just to clear our chest. Who are you blaming for that failed relationship? Can we control our emotions and zip up those words that brings nothing good to us? Can we fill our mouths with water when we are angry to avoid saying things we will later regret? Some people are currently in prison because they couldn’t control their anger.

Some marriages are on the rocks because of anger. Someone is dead because of not controlling his/her anger. If you have nothing better to speak about, learn to zip up and control your emotions in difficult situations. Zip up, Zip up, Zip up and save your reputation.

Insulting your partner just because they offended you only shows how weak you are
as a person. Two wrongs never makes a right. When you are faced with difficult emotions, calm yourself by walking away from that situation for a few minutes and come back when your thoughts are cleared..

But never be quick to walk out without having a dialogue on the issues. Most importantly, apply wisdom in your speech by not speaking dangerous words that will be difficult to forget. Stop blaming people for being the cause of your anger and control yourself before you
lose someone precious due to anger…..


Feeling angry at something or someone is not a bad thing. But do you lose your temper often for silly reasons? Does your blood pressure scale up for simple matters? If yes, it is not good.
Although anger is a healthy emotion, it can take a toll on your health as well as relationships if it goes uncontrollable. But you can control your anger effectively before anger starts controlling you. Here are a few simple tips to keep in mind.

A) Find reasons to laugh!!

When you feel angry, look around to find the humorous angle of the matter which makes you angry. Or why don’t you think about your favourite comedian or a hilarious scene from your life that tickled your funny bone?

B) Think what makes you angry

Dig a bit and try to find out the exact reason behind your anger. Many times, the accumulated stress makes you behave angrily. Take out the anger in your life by solving the worries. Relieve your stress to make your life enjoyable.

C) Find an appropriate relaxation technique

Take it as a challenge to beat down your anger. A suitable relaxation technique will certainly help. Listen to your favourite soothing music, or take a relaxing walk, or meditate for a few minutes, or at least take a deep breath.

D) Wait A Second before you Speak

Practise this technique of relaxing for a second. Do not give yourself a chance to regret any thing later. Think before you react to people or circumstances.

E) Write A Journal

Learn relaxation techniques and put it into use when you lose your temper.
Deep breathing exercises, writing journals etc. helps to calm down your mind and relieve stress.

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