1) Be your authentic self: There is nothing difficult in being your true self, how long do you want to pretend to be who you are not, a man who is ready for Commitment will stay when you are your real self.. however time reveals truth

2) Continue to live your own life: once some ladies falls in love everything in their lives go on hold🙅 Continue living life,most times you need to get busy so that you don’t loose him while trying to keep him. DON’T CHOKE HIM

3) Prioritize him when it matters: Give him is due respect, don’t disregard him over issues especially matters of the ❤️..Make him feel important.

4) Voice your desires : This some ladies finds difficult to air their opinion in Relationship because they tend to be overwhelmed with his love and do not want hurt him….most guys likes vocal ladies. Issues you don’t resolve in courtship will not be resolved in marriage.

5) Tell him what you like about him: Express your unalloyed love to him, sometimes take stock about each other attitude over some certain issues.guys are inquisitive to know how their woman feels about them.

6)Let go of the fact that this is your one and only shot with someone : ladies stop the fear making yourself feels that you can’t do without them… Stop the fear of feeling that you will die if the relationship ends. Men don’t like it… when you make a man feels you can do without them that alone will make them propose fast .😊

7) Don’t worry about scaring him away( if he’s ready for a relationship with you, he’ll stay)

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