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Please read this!

Earlier this year, I was having a premium counselling session with Chuka on WhatsApp.

Hear him out as he complained bitterly about his engaged partner,

” I am just like that, she has to take me the way I am. I can’t do without drinking alcohol. I can’t do without smoking.

I get angry easily. I can’t just pet a woman. It’s not my style.

This is just the way I am…why would she not accept me the way I am?


Hmmm! I allowed him finish first, before I started my own.

” Mr. Chuka, you are wrong. All the things you complained about are habits, and every habit is formed.

If you were telling me that she complains about your physique, or your complexion, or your fascial look, I would’ve agreed with your resolve.

But in this case, I don’t agree with you.

Do you know why?

All you’ve mentioned are adjustable. People quit smoking and alcohol everyday and live the rest of their lives, happy.

People learn how to manage their anger everyday and live happily thereafter.

People learn how to pet their partners everyday and enjoy happy homes afterwards.

Okay, let me ask you a question, were you born smoking, drinking alcohol and easily angered?

Were you?”

And he answered, “No.”

So I continued,

” Good! Which means you learnt all the habits overtime.

See, growth of a reasonable person involves learning and unlearning.

Learning things that you need to make a better life and dropping things that can jeopardize your growth.

Stop going by the mantra ‘she should accept me the way I am.’

It’s not applicable here.

If I may ask, if you were in her shoes, would you accept yourself as a choice of man with all this bad habits?

Would you?

What you need is to get a coach and submit to training.

If you follow the instructions and commit to the tasks, you’ll see yourself back and very much better.

It’s always good to do all you can to make your relationship conducive for yourself and your partner.

You can do it. You can be better. Change your current mindset and you’ll see it work.

Thank you Mr. Chuka.”

Now with a very low coarse voice he replied,

” Thank you Golden. I’m really grateful for this. I’ll call you on Sunday so that we’ll get started.”

I won’t tell how much he has improved now.

Are you having a similar case?

Read this post again and concentrate on my advice.

Read my lines and get your own counsel.

I know you might not afford to pay any relationship coach for premium services, that’s why I made this open here so that you can learn from it.

Remember, you’re in the right Site and I’ll make sure you get the very best being here.

Are you thankful of this?

Have a great weekend.

Golden Cares.

Contact us via call or WhatsApp +2348174388604… Email me:

( I am Golden Chidinma , I help you build & sustain the very best relationship & Health)

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