Sucking a woman’s pussy is one thing every man should give to his woman. It is the height of selfishness to deny a woman the pleasure that makes her go crazy.

Every man should be a terriffic and amazing pussy eater. Every man should be able to suck madness into his woman’s head. Don’t just pull off her pant and start to bang her pussy, No! Suck the damn pussy until her legs begin to quake and she can’t stand it anymore, she will now begging you saying baby please come and fuck me please 🙏 then, you can now slide in your drilling machine.

Any woman who have never experienced the craziness of being sucked is yet to understand the mightiness of sucking pussy. As much as I know; A well sucked pussy is a well soaked pussy; a well soaked pussy is a sweet pussy and it can comfortably accommodate any dick size without bruises.
Ladies! Hope I am communicating?

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