TRUE LIFE STORY(of a cheating wife)

True life Story 👇 Men should Learn from this.

My husband used to cheat on me and hide it.. He would delete his call logs, clear his chats, erase everything, put his phone on flight mode the moment he’s back from work, put difficult passwords on his fone and all that but guess what?? I knew he was cheating and I still kept on being a virtuous wife..
His boxers used to have semen discharge, I would find condoms and hotel receipts in his trousers pockets and his clothes used to reel of female perfume but he would come home and act all sweet to me.. kiss me with that same mouth and sleep with me with that same penis he is using on other women.. I was exposing myself to a lot of dangers in the name of virtuous wife.. I was hurting, I was bitter…. until one day,, ..

I was returning from work when this car hit and scratched my car from behind! Oh my!!! I got out of the car and all hell was let loose.. It was a gentle looking man, and he kept apologizing to me but I was not having it.. He did everything possible to pacify me until I finally calmed down then he promised to fix it.. he collected my number and said he would call me the next day..

Next day as I was dropping my daughter off to school, I received a call from him asking me to give him my address so his mechanic can come get it fixed .. I gave him my office address and the mechanic indeed came and took my car.. to my utmost surprise he fixed my car, sprayed it, washed it and filled up my fuel tank as a way of saying sorry and I was mesmerized.. that’s how we started talking and became friends eventually.. he was really a nice dude.. Very funny and charming too..

He started by asking me out to launch and I obliged him.. we were hanging out for roughly 6 months before we coincidentally had stuff to do in another state together.. wow he was such a great company.. I enjoyed the flight all through with his endless jokes and funny faces..
we arrived Lagos, I lodged in the hotel provided by my company and he went his way to attend his several meetings.. he was president of a multi million enterprise yet so humble and loving…
After the seminar was over I called him and invited him over to my room for dinner…

We ate, laughed, cracked jokes and even sang together and he was about to leave.. I didn’t want him to leave.. he was so much fun and I was falling in love with him already..
so we huggged and kissed in the process…
his hands were so warm and tender and they pierced my skin as he rubbed them all over me.. He raised me up and placed me on the table.. parted my legs, gave me head that I never could imagine, and went inside me after much fore play. It was heavenly..
I think the last time I experienced such an erotic sex was 5 years ago on my wedding night.. we made love all through the night exploring different positions and activities and finally collapsing and sleeping off on each other.. and that was where our affair officially started..

We started dating.. I would tell my hubby I was traveling for an official assignment and we would travel together, my hubby didn’t care!! He was having a good time cheating on me with different girls but At that time, I didn’t care! My heart, soul and body was long gone and you know what they say about what a man can do??????? A woman can do?????? Haha!!! We had amazing sex..

there was something always new he did to me each time but asides the sex.. he took good care of me.. money was always sent to my account, he would make arrangements to take me on a tour to a different country or state.. He buys me expensive gifts and take me to pamper my skin every other time… I was practically living my dream life… He even got me some investment shares in my name and is looking to set me up in my own enterprise……. until one day my hubby woke me up in the middle of the night

Babe?? Please wake up we need to talk! My heart froze! This man has finally found out.. I was already preparing myself for the worst, the he told me he wanted a divorce… what???? I said!

You want what???? A divorce!
Then He whispered.. saying “baby I’m sure you can testify that we have tried really hard with this marriage thing but it just isn’t working”… I just sat there looking at his sorry ass and rejoicing inside! Good riddance! I thought to myself!!!

And you have come to the conclusion that divorce is our ultimate solution???? I replied him? Well I just don’t want to continue leading you on when my heart is no longer here he said?? Well, where is your heart I asked? He couldn’t respond after staring at me for a while he walked out… next morning I packed my things and left his house with a note… ‘when you are ready with the official papers let me have them so I can sign’..

I informed my lover immediately and he got me an already furnished and crispy apartment so I moved in with my daughter.. i told him about the divorce and he was glad lol… we got even more serious and I even got pregnant… (he has always wanted me to have a child for him) ( a baby girl ) lol now he is desperately waiting for our divorce to pull through so he can marry me but my husband says he doesn’t want a divorce anymore… he was shocked that I moved on too quickly and is complexed that I’m with a better and richer dude who Is taking care of me effortlessly and he wants me back! But I think he’s dumb and stupid to think he can cheat on me at will but when I decided to move on with my life it’s a crime…

I need help on how to get separated from him as quickly as possible before I start showing… my lover doesn’t want me to terminate this pregnancy as a matter of fact, this baby is his world… and he wants me to have her in Canada.. thanks…..


Men read up and repent😊

What did you Learn from this story? What’s your Advice?
Let’s hear your opinion.

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