Embolism, Symptoms and Remedies.


An embolism is a sudden blocking of a blood vessel by any foreign material, such as a blood clot that lodges and causes an obstruction.

Embolism is one of the main causes of stroke. This usually occurs when there is an obstruction by a clot or foreign material in the carotid arteries or in an artery of the brain. This causes blood supply to an area of the blood to cut off, therefore brain cells are deprived of oxygen and nutrients and may starve to death.

An embolus obstructing an artery in the legbor arm causes gangrene. When a clot lodges in the lungs, it causes pulmonary embolism. Poor circulation can also lead to embolism


Symptoms depend on where the vessel obstruction occurs. If an embolism occurs in the brain it may cause stroke, numbness, aphasia (difficulty in speaking), nerve damage. The victim may be unable to speak; to move his or her mouth, arms, legs or even coordinate movements.

An embolism in an artery of the lungs can result in breathlessness, restlessness, fainting, sharp pain upon breathing,lightheadedness etc.

An embolism in the vessels of the heart can cause a heart attack.


ENZYMES break up the blood clot without causing a blockage of the blood vessel. Anticoagulants are the basic treatment for embolism.

Sometimes surgery is recommended if the blockage is within the surgeon’s reach.

Systematic enzymes therapy can be used to break up the fibrin formation, the LDL cholesterol, and the embolism. Enzymes also reduce inflammation, stimulate the immune system, improve circulation, help speed tissue repair, bring nutrients to the damaged area, remove waste products, enhance wellness, strengthen the body as a whole and build general resistance.

Digestive enzyme therapy is used to improve the digestion of food, reduce stress on the gastrointestinal mucosa, help maintain normal pH levels, detoxify and promote the growth of healthy intestinal floral, thus making the body healthier so that it can deal with the effects of an embolism.

If you sense any of the aforementioned symptoms, see your Doctor. Also it is a good advice to incorporate enzymes therapy into your daily nutritional plan.

Cardiovascular disease is on the increase. Yesterday while in our monthly pastors meeting at our RCCG province in surulere, the women section experienced a woeful visitation as one of our zonal pastor slumped. She couldnt be revived. An ambulance came and took her to the nearest hospital where she was confirmed brought in dead 😡- Madam Ngozi Uzodike!

People should ensure they take their vitide and adwelle daily please as we go about our daily activities. May God help us as we help ourselves!

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