I entered a shop and bought a pack with 3 condoms, looked at them curiously for a while wondering how on earth I could use them.
The Lady at the counter noticed my puzzlement and asked sincerely, ”Have you ever used a condom? Do you know how to put it on?”
I blushed and said, “No!”
The lady took one condom and opened it and wore it on her thumb as an example.

“This is how you wear it. You have to make sure its tight!”
I was even more puzzled by this.
I was just an innnocent young man.
She noticed how shy and confused I was. “You must be a virgin,” she said teasingly. “Have you ever had sex?”… She asked…l said, ”No!”

Then she looked around the shop; there was no one but just the 2 of us.
She called me behind the counter, opened the door leading to the back rooms and invited me in.
She quickly locked the door, told me to hurry up…
“We don’t have time!” She said.

She pulled her short skirt up, her panty down, opened her legs and laid her back on a table.
Then she told me to wear the condom on just like she had told me.
I did, and she pulled me close, and oh yes there I Was right deep inside her wet sweet flesh……

But Oh My God no, in just five minutes inside it was just too much and I came, tsaaa tsaaa tsaaa tsaaaa twii twii tsaaa ziii.!!
The lady feels it too, she feels the hot fluid inside her, and asks me,
”Did you put the condom on like I told you?”
“Yes I did. Just like you told me!” I replied.
She says, ”Lets see!”
(I showed her)
“Oh shit!” she screamed. “You are supposed to wear it on your PENIS not on your THUMB, you fool…!!!

That’s how I became a dad 👶 🚶🚶🚶

I am off to buy diapers…