Do you really know what intimacy looks like? How do you cultivate it? How do you nurture it in for a long lasting relationship? Intimacy the key to the quality of your relationship.

Intimacy means “to know” your partner… how well do you really know your partner? Intimacy is essential for a tantric experience and sacred union. Learn more about intimacy and tips for building intimacy into your life.

All relationships are different, regardless of whether you’re monogamous or non-monogamous.

Sexual & Romantic behaviour and connections can vary greatly, depending on each persons preferences and natural tendencies.

To keep everyone safe & happy, it’s important to Understand, Communicate and Negotiate each other’s boundaries, preferences, needs & desires within relationship/s.
My Name is Golden Chidinma, am a Psychosexual therapist(sex/relationship therapist) and a Healthcare Consultant.
I am here to teach men and women what people find difficult to talk about their body, relationship and emotions.

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