If you cannot picture yourself being this way with your partner at old age, It means something is wrong.

Who are you going to spend your last years with?What ever you do, remember you’d get old one day, you will get sick and tired someday.

Who is that one person?  You’re sure of?  What kind of relationship do u have with him/her.
People live longer, when they know their partner is and will always be there for them.

We all need someone to always be there for us.. Are you going to be there for others? Are you dependable?

Make sure to stop shooting yourself on the leg, take care of yourself, your spouse, your Health, Your emotional well-being, your Relationships…. Invest in them.

So as to start reaping them at old age..  Even if you have nobody, be nice to people, so that the universe will bring nicer people your way.

Loneliness…  Can kill you very quickly, especially without your loved one.

When you look around you at the toughest of time, especially when you have no material things to give, who do u think will stand by you.


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