Have you ever thought about this before?

What if there was no Facebook?

What if there was no Instagram?

What if there was no Whatsapp?

What if people in other countries could use Facebook, Instagram and Whatsapp, but in your country, it didn’t work.

This is what it feels like to live in a world without Using our Online launch services.

Millions of people earn more money today because of Facebook, Instagram, Whatsapp, and other social media platforms.

Millions of people earn money today because of Udemy, Coursera, Teachable, Thinkific, and many other e-learning platforms.

But up till now, Africa has been completely cut out from this opportunity because there was no tech platform that made it easy for Africans to host their courses and receive payment.

But with our platform, you can launch your course, receive payment from students worldwide.

You can start for free or choose a plan

I remember reaching out to two ceos of online course platforms to ask if they could integrate their platforms with Paystack so that our people could receive payment and easily monetize their knowledge.

I even connected the CEO of one platform to the CEO of Paystack.

…Alas, it didn’t work out.

Get Started Selling your knowledge Today!

Meanwhile, the global online education market is poised to reach $325 Billion in 2025 and if we didn’t do anything about it, we would have continued watching “oyibos” make so much money online, while we remained stuck.

So this is not just about me building a tech platform because I feel like building a tech platform.

I’ve seen what the impact of our secret school can be.

I’ve seen what the impact of having people earn an extra $1,000, $10,000, $100,000 can be.

I’ve seen what the impact of what more training programs for Africans by Africans can be.

This is why I and the Secret school team have worked tirelessly on Launching our online school creation. (We are still working).

This is why we are launching Our Secret School, with a party (We hope to create more awareness that a solution for Africans is finally here).

Check out about Brendon Burchard and How He Became very rich.

Hope to see to hear from you.

With Love


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