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On the issue of a lady going viral who destroyed her boyfriend’s valuables, there are two sides to a story, because I feel there’s more to the story. So I want to share my experience(I have friends who will be surprised after seeing this posts, lol, because i hardly talk about my pains, but i want others to learn from it)

I had an ex who was toxic to the extent that when he’s guilty, he tries to play the “blame game”(making me feel guilty), so i have to apologise for the things he did wrong, just to allow peace reign, lol.

 There was a weekend I spent at his place, on a Saturday, I decided to go see an old friend of mine and I caught my ex with another lady close to my friend’s house(He told me he was going for rehearsals in church), I just walked past as if I’ve never met him in my life, my friend who was with me was surprised, I walked away because I value my self esteem more than any guy. 

Unfortunately for me, before I got to his place to take my stuff and go home, he showed up and locked the door, he was trying to explain to me, 

I paid deaf ears, that was how this guy destroyed his phone (phone worth more than 100k) as if that wasn’t enough, he destroyed his perfumes, his tables, tore the bed with a knife, broke his plasma, destroyed his plates in the kitchen(Infact, he turned the whole flat upside down)

He later pointed the knife at me and said those stories I see on Facebook is about to become reality to me, I just stood there without saying anything, he threatened to cut himself and people will hold me accountable, 

I was speechless and crying, I couldn’t utter a word, after everything he left the house and I had to call my close friend to meet me at his place because at that point I was loosing strength, she eventually came, took pictures of the house and we left, i took his international passport (I actually wanted to destroy it, but later it was returned because my conscience couldn’t hold it) 

that was how I left him for good, he started telling people how i destroyed his house and took his id card and passport. Said alot of things just to gain pity, his friends called and asked what happened, 

I didn’t say anything because I owe nobody any explanation(They can assume for all I care).

What would have happened if i had retaliated?

Life has taught me to walk away quietly instead of waiting behind and loosing my values, don’t allow societal pressure make you stay in an abusive relationship or marriage, you are responsible for your life.

Keep your dignity as a woman, because no man is worth loosing it for.
Let’s learn not to fight or retaliate, give the person reasons to wish he never let you go.

PS: That was the first time he ever acted like that and that was the last of me he saw, we ladies should stop making excuses for a man, saying he was angry or bla bla bla, if a man hits you once,

he will hit you over and over again. Learn to walk away from a toxic relationship before it gets to a stage where you say”Had I know”. 

I know it’s a very hard decision to make, but please #LEAVETOLIVE….!!!

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